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"Be still when you have nothing to say; when genuine passion moves you,
say what you've got to say, and say it hot."

- D. H. Lawrence

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About Me

I have over 35 years of experience in graphic design, copywriting, and brand development. My work is diverse, from print design for Marriott Hotels International to a commemorative publication in honor of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, Leonard Cohen.

Product design includes everything from CD packaging to skateboard graphics. My digital experience covers the direction of a Regional Emmy Award winning PSA, broadcast graphics, the direction of a music video featuring multi CMMA Award winning singer, Joan Kennedy, creation of a national advocacy program for children with disabilities, authorship of two children's books and several series screenplays (published and produced).

I have a special place in my heart for causes and suffer extensively from "White Knight Syndrome". In addition to my digital artistry, I enjoy creating intricate character sketches and surrealist and abstract acrylic paintings. I'm an avid tattoo enthusiast and "collector". I love dogs, key lime pie, and oatmeal cookies (no raisins).

If I can see it in my head, I can create it. If you're looking for a creative piece with that coveted "WOW factor" - let's talk. Thank you!


"Mark Medford is no ordinary graphic artist. Mark will show you performance that you never expected in your marketing and advertising programs. Mark is thorough, determined, intuitive and disciplined. He is highly creative and continually thinks of new ways to bring potential customers to your business."
- Thomas P. McDowell
CEO, Business Professional, Inc.
"I have worked with Mark Medford for well over 20 years and to this day I am constantly amazed by his artistic acumen and creative genius. No two projects are ever the same and his ability to find the unique qualities in each and accent those attributes in ways that expand and illuminate are truly remarkable. If you are in need of graphics and design that will move and motivate your audience I can think of no-one better!"
- Con Fullam
Award Winning Singer, Songwriter and Producer

"Mark Medford designed Formula 51’s website and we could not be happier. Mark led the process and I was constantly blown away with what he did. Not only is he completely knowledgeable about the process but he is an absolute genius when it comes to creating custom images and brilliant at writing. It was better than him reading my mind with what he did, because my mind couldn’t fathom the things he did. I felt completely amazed over and over again with each new step he made. I seriously cannot recommend or say enough good things about Mark Medford!!!"
- Joshua South
Formula 51, CEO and Artist

"Working with Mark has been an absolute pleasure. He was able to bring my ideas to life, and create a one of a kind website that is very easy to navigate. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for an affordable, professional website."
- Jesse Pinette
Owner and Artist , Precision Tattoo

"Mark not only designed, but built and painted sets for 6 of our productions. He puts an enormous amount of time into researching the time period of the shows so our sets are accurate as well as appealing to the audience. His creativity and vision – and his skill at giving life to ideas are truly amazing."
- Judith Spitzer
Theater Director, Westlake Performing Arts Center
"To be able to take just a little information and create such eye catching, professional, marketing pieces is an absolute gift, and you have it!"
- David Fraser
Marriott International, Sales Manager

"Mark Medford is one of the most creative people that I have ever met. I recommend him for any project that requires creativity and enormous talent."
- Owen Blaisdell, Operations Director
Goodwill Industries of New England

"Mark has an exacting eye that is appropriate, thorough, and meticulous. The care, concern, and level of passion that he brings to any project goes above and beyond expectations. And his imagination? One word - WOW."
- Ronald L. Hatcher
King Printing Company, President

"My experience in pro sports has taught me the value of individual talent to the success of any team. I can say without reservation that any team that adds Mark to it's marketing roster will be a winner."
- Kevin Hauser
NFL New Orleans Saints

"Mark Medford is the Best at what he does. I am fully pleased with my website and have got many compliments."
- Kevin Becvar
Owner and Artist, One King Tattoo

"Mark completely nailed every little detail and how I wanted things setup, literally operates and looks cooler than I had imagined, far beyond pleased. Thanks for the hard work!!!"
- James Amsden
Tattoos and Fine Art

Don't Get Lost In The Crowd. Social Networking is NOT Enough.

1. A Facebook page is not an easy place to find info: bios, product samples, services you offer … the stuff that prospective clients want to see upfront - with Facebook, it's all mixed in, they’ll have to click around to find what they need, IF they can find it at all.
2. A Facebook page does not give you design control: yep, you’re at the mercy of all that blue and white, not to mention Facebook’s flow and functionality.
3. A Facebook page is not a reliable way to connect with consumers: unlike some of us, people don’t check their Facebook feed every hour. In fact, data shows that only about 17% of your Facebook fans actually see any given post.
A Facebook page is distracting: messages, ads, updates. Who knows what to look at?!
5. A Facebook Page is not a website: Facebook.com is a website; they’re just lending you a little bit of space.
6. You're missing out on gaining top search engine ranking. The bots can't find you. He / She who comes up at the top gets the eyes.

Establish a professional online presence. Build credibility. Don’t be at the mercy of Facebook, Twitter, or any other social network; get your own home online.
Few things change faster than technology! 5 years ago, or even less than that, phones weren't all that smart. We did most of our searching on our PC or laptop, so a conventionally designed site was fine. Have you looked at your old site on a smartphone or tablet? chances are you'll be looking a very small version of the site. Why? Because your site can't detect and adapt it's content to the size of your screen. It isn't responsive. Consequently, you end up doing a lot of squinting and finger zooming!
  • 91% of American adults have a cell phone
  • 34% of American adults own a tablet computer
  • 55% of cell phone owners say they use their phones to go online— to browse the internet, exchange emails, or download apps and research businesses.
Pretty significant statistics - and that doesn't count tablets! And - as of April 20, 2015, Google now gives priority indexing to mobile friendly sites.
No, you don't have time. And its very tempting to just focus on Instagram and let it feed your Facebook wall. In the meantime, your website - that thing that comes up when a potential customer does a web search for "whatever product in Mytown, USA" - has about three old pictures in your feed. Not good. They'll move onto the next guy. When you rely on social media to get found, it's like preaching to the choir. Your followers already know your name, they're one of your friends or a family member. Meanwhile, Jane and John Doe are still looking for you.

QuickPics is integrated right into your site. It's the ultimate way to load your Instagram photos, in real time, onto your website. You can display your images in both gallery and slideshow formats. Just upload to Instagram as you usually do and, there's your post on your site in your Quickpics Gallery. How cool is that?
I pay a package price for unlimited space on a very reliable server. This brings down the hosting cost per individual site. When it comes to design, I've been doing it for a very long time. I've learned a lot about simplifying without sacrificing quality. Once the basic coding modules are determined - based on the projected model - we can then concentrate on tailoring the graphic elements to your needs. More time designing, less time coding. Your site will follow a basic site architecture, according to your specific needs. Graphic elements and content, of course, will all be customized and will be totally unique to you.
As soon as I receive all of your information and get a handle on the "personality" you want for your site and you place your deposit via PayPal, I will register your domain name and begin work. Publication time depends a lot on how quickly you can get me your images and content. Once we plan out the site I can give you a target launch date. Upon initial completion, a live version of your site will be published on a special test URL for your review. Upon approval, and the receipt of your balance, your site will be published to your new or existing domain.
Due to the complex nature of the design, I don't offer web based editing at this time. In my experience, there's just too much room for error or "breaking" the site unintentionally. This is common with custom site designers. If you require CMS (Content Management Service) then you may want to explore some of the web based software available. Having said that - I am VERY good at turning around updates - providing they only involve content (edits and additions and not a change in the site structure). There is the option of area specific online content editing that we can talk about. In addition, if you incorporate a Blog on your site, you can author it yourself, in real time, via any device.
Absolutely. Your files are backed up on an internal hard drive, dedicated external drive, and via Carbonite to a cloud. On a clear day you might even see them up there. Just kidding.
Although the freebie DYI site makers are tempting, and the interfaces getting more user friendly, I wouldn't recommend going that route unless you're willing to spend time maintaining and improving it once it's published. The only thing worse than no website is a stagnant one.